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Infrared images fo Tamworth Castle, Staffordshire

Tamworth Castle Infrared Tamworth Staffordshire by Gregory Goldston

This image was taken on the 12 July.  It is another infrared shot taken of Tamworth castle.  I took a similar shot to this when I first became interested in infrared but the quality of this image is so superior. You can see the first image below.

This is solely down to the fact that this image had a very short exposure time of 1/13 of a second.

The reflections of the bridge and the trees along with the infrared feel make this my favourite infrared so far.

tamworth castle

The original shot (above) had an exposure time of 5 minutes and as you can see, the post-processing can be tricky to get the right colour balance.

I know which one I prefer.

I love the images that produced with Infrared. Stunning!

Greg Goldston



Orton on the Hill, Leicestershire

Orton Sunset

Orton on the Hill is a small hamlet which got it’s name from the fact you can see four different counties from there.  The counties, which are visible on a good day from the hill, are Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Warwickshire.  From where I live in Tamworth, I cross two counties in little over 5 miles to reach the view point.  The hill itself is not what you say, large, as it raises a mere 40 metres or about 130ft above the surrounding area.

View from the Hill of Orton on the Hill Leicestershire

This first image was taken a couple of months ago, from the viewpoint on the top of the hill.  I like this shot because of the clouds and the greenness of the field.  I placed the tree on almost the third to give it a classic composition.

sunset at orton on the hill leicestershire by gregory goldston

This second image was taken this month of July.  I decide to go into the wheat field and capture the tree with the sunset behind.  I was lucky that the sunset was spectacular framing the tree in silhouette.  This is one my favourites of the month so far.

It never ceases to amaze me how a place can change with the seasons and the time of the day.

Greg Goldston


365 Project Image a Day

My photography was going through a bit of a lull, when I was pointed in the direction of Project 365. This turned out to be a wonderful opportunity and I have found it both inspirational and motivational.

The task is to take at least one photograph every day for a full year, which isn’t as easy as it first appears. Starting with great gusto, you very quickly reach a point where you have to think about what to take next.

Keeping going beyond this point however has its rewards. Your photography will start to improve and you will notice more and more things to take photos of via tuning in your photographic eye to the world around you.

A point of caution, if you start this journey you must keep it going, missing a day can be fatal, nobody will shout or rant or have a go, but miss one day and soon you will miss more and more.

It also has other benefits; keeping going gives you a great sense of achievement and helps instill a driving force, which could be used in other areas.

As of writing this blog post, I am on day 111 of the 365 and have it both challenging and enjoyable. Although I have a love of photography, there are few things that have grabbed my attention quite like this Project 365 has.

As proof to the world and mainly to myself, I use to post my daily images. I might not have posted every day but I have taken the images daily. The site allows you to upload your images, for free, along with other adventurers who have also taken up the gauntlet.

By browsing the site, does give ideas and by commenting and getting involved, shows you that you are not doing it on your own.

What about at the end of the challenge?

After 365 days, you don’t get a big fanfare, a medal or any other way of showing your achievement. What you do get in a sense of achieving a magnificent goal, which you should be quite rightly proud of.

Like all challenges, there are ups and downs but nothing compares with crossing the finishing line. How you achieve this goal is the same as eating an elephant, how do you it? A small bite at a time.

I am on this journey and it would be great to see there to.

This was an image I took last week-


Lest We Forget on 365 Project

Poppies in the Field – taken on 1st July 2011, to commemorate the Battle of the Somme 1916 and the Poppy Fields.

Please Enjoy.

Greg Goldston