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Welcome to Greg Goldston Photography Blog

Here I will be posting articles to help you get the most out of your camera, whether that is a Compact Camera or a DSLR camera.


I will be offering tips and tricks of the trade. I will be posting some of my photographs, along with explanations as to what I did with my camera to achieve those effects. You will be able to see what worked, and perhaps more importantly, what did not work!


I am a firm believer that great photographs are created and taken “in camera” and should need only minimal, if any, work from Photoshop.


You can easily take great photographs with whatever type of camera you have.  Some of the best photos can be taken, once you understand the functions and settings of your camera – in other words, once you get “off auto.”


I would be very interested in what you would find most useful to know, to help you to take fantastic photographs.


Please send me your comments.

Greg Goldston